International cooperation

In the era of progressive integration processes and the dynamic development of new techniques of communication and dissemination of information, actions to safeguard the rights of authors and publishers are being pursued in close cooperation with international and national organizations of associations similar to ours. Interaction contributes to the exchange of experience and facilitates coordination of joint actions for better protection of intellectual property.

KOPIPOL’sinternational cooperation have accumulated steady achievements. Representatives of the Association participate in Annual General Meetings (AGMs) of organizations affiliated to the International Federation for Reproduction Rights Organisations (IFRRO) andattend meetings of the IFRRO Group and Equipment Levy Forum (ELF). During these meetings,KOPIPOL presents the advancement towards its targets and challenges that it faces.

KOPIPOL’s overseas working-level relationshipshave resulted in the conclusion of sixteen bilateral cooperation agreements with European organizations such as VG Wort (Germany), COPY-DAN (Denmark), KOPIOSTO (Finland), ProLitteris (Switzerland), Literar Mechana (Austria), OSDEL (Greece), Stichting Reprorecht (the Netherlands), DILIA (Czech Republic), LITA (Slovakia), C.F.C. (France), Cedro (Spain), JAC (Japan), SAZOR GIZ (Slovenia), ORIGINAL (Bosnia and Herzegovina), GCA (Georgia), Kopinor (Norway). All, except for the agreement with Norway, are type B contracts. KOPIPOL decides on the allocation of the funds resulting from these contracts.

Successful international cooperation was reflected in the visits byhigh-ranking officials: John-Willy Rudolph, President of Norwegian Copper boasting the greatest administration efficiency, Stephanie Faulkner, Secretary General of IFRRO and Paul Greenwood of VG Wort, responsible for international contacts, former Secretary General to IFRRO, reflect the success at the international cooperation level. Evaluations of the KOPIPOL’s work and accomplishments were very positive.