Individual repartition

General information

Individual repartition is a system of distribution and payment to authors of books and scientific articles of cash collected by the KOPIPOL Association pursuant to Art. 20 and 20ˡ of the Copyright and Related Rights Act from manufacturers and importers of reprographic equipment (photocopiers, scanners, printers, etc.) and copy shops [so-called photocopy outlets]. These funds provide compensation for authors of scientific and technical works for reproducing their works within authorized personal use.

Individuals who have published their works in the publications indicated for a given year by  statistical survey are those who have been subject to the most frequent copying. The current list of publications can be found here.

Currently, the Association is carrying out payments of fees collected in the years 2011 – 2021

In order to receive the money due to authors by way of participation in individual pay, complete the declaration and the statement on the authorship/co-authorship of the work. These documents can be generated by using the authorized authors search engine. Having filled in the forms, please send them by traditional mail or deliver in person to KOPIPOL, 25-512 Kielce, ul. Warszawska 21 lok. 31.

The author’s right to receive a payment from the individual repartition system can be checked by using the authorized authors search engine.

For more information, call us at +48 (41) 341-54-39 or send an inquiry to .