Association’s authorities

Association Board

The Management Board performs self-government tasks in a five-person composition, as well as with the assistance of the Revision Committee and the Association Court.

Chairman – prof. dr hab. inż. Mieczysław Poniewski
Vice-chairman – dr hab. inż. prof. PW Jacek Wernik
Treasuer – dr hab. Sylwia Hożejowska, prof. uczelni
Members: – dr Agnieszka Kowalska- Lasek
– dr Robert Grabarczyk

–  dr hab. Grzegorz Tylec, prof uczelni


Revision Committee

The Revision Committee of the Association is the body appointed to control the overall activity of the Association, with particular emphasis on financial management.

Chairman – dr Agnieszka Piotrowska-Piątek
Members: – dr Beata Maciejewska
– dr Robert Kaniowski
– dr hab. inż. Robert Pastuszko

–  dr hab. Iwona Kiniorska

–  dr hab. inż. Rafał Chatys